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09-06-2006 Added 3 articles to Nazca lines

01-06-2006 Added 4 photos to UFOs

07-05-2006 Added the folders Egyptian Hieroglyphs

                                                   Ian Xel Lungold

06-05-2006 Added a picture to UFOs

05-05-2006 Added the pages Law of Tenfold Return
                                                         Full Moon
                                                        The great invocation
eat Pyramides

01-05-2006 Added an article at: Mystery of the Giant Statues of Easter Island

30-04-2006 Copied Cave paintings to the pages  UFOs  and  Aliens

28-2006 Added a picture to: Cave Paintings

26-04-2005 Added the pages: Venus transit 8th june 2004
                                                                Spiritual India
                                                                13 Crystal skulls from Atlantis                         
Bhagawan Sri Venkaiah Swamy, Golagamudi
                                                                Mystery of the Giant Statues of Easter Island

14-04-2006 Added the page  Sapavaram Bhavanarayanaswami temple.htm
                        Added the page Master C.V.V. Namaskarams
                        Uploaded a pic to Aztec Calendar Stone
                        Added the page Wonder world

07-04-2006 Added the page Sri Rama Navami

06-04-2006 Added the page Lord Shiva

04-04-2006 Added 1 photo to Nazca lines

02-04-2006  Added 2 photo's to  Nazca lines

18-03-2006 Added the page Meditation drawings
                        Added the page Rainbow blessings
                       Added the page The Golden Age
                       Added the page Borobudur Temple

09-03-2006 Added the page Ayurveda images
                    Added the page Leyline images

08-03-2006 Added 54 images to Gayatri Mantra
                        Added the webpage Aztec Calendar Stone
                        Added 3 pictures to OM Drawings

07-03-2006 Added 44 images to Gayatri Mantra

06-03-2006 Added 26 images to Gayatri Mantra

05-03-2006 Added the page Aliens

04-03-2006 Added the page Cave Paintings

03-03-2006 Added 4 images to Nazca lines

01-03-2006 Added the folder Nazca lines

28-02-2006 Added the folder Gateway of the Sun

24-02-2006 Added 4 pictures to Sri Yantra
                        Added 1 picture to OM Drawings
                        Added 30 pictures to Gayatri Mantra

23-02-2006 Added 47 pictures to  Gayatri Mantra
                        Added 17 pictures to Guru Purnima

18-02-2006 Added a pictures to Ascended Masters
                        Added 2 pictures to  OM Drawings
                        Added 17 pictures to  Gayatri Mantra
                        Added a text to Galactic Butterlies
                        Added 2 pics to Chakras

11-02-2006 Added a newspaper article to Astonomy
                        Added a new page Chackra Drawings
                        Added a new page OM Drawings

10-02-2006 11 photos added to Gayatri Mantra page 
                    Added a letter to the page Astonomy

05-02-2006  Start of this website